Wine in a can has hit South Africa - Uncanny Wines

Wine in a can has hit South Africa. ‘Uncanny Wines’ are proudly South African and are a response to the skyrocketing international trend. Canned wines have already experienced huge growth in the United States over the past five years, with sales rising by 69% from June 2018 to June 2019. The US market alone is worth over $80 million (R1.2 billion), with England and Australia following suit. Will this work for South Africans?

‘It’s been said that the South African market could be too conservative for wine in a can, but our lifestyles are a perfect match for this product. Tuck the cans into your picnic basket for summer concerts in the park or afternoons watching sport. Enjoy the no-fuss packaging at a braai and by the pool, without having to worry about glass. The possibilities are endless!” adds Ruan Viljoen, Uncanny’s other half.

The challenge is to prove that canned wine can exceed consumer expectations, with an exceptional glass of wine, re-educating the way people drink. Wineries will have to elevate the quality and perception of the product.

There are a number of benefits when opting for cans instead of glass bottles. Aluminum has far higher recycling rates than glass, and the carbon effect of shipping lighter containers is significant. Another advantage of canned wine is faster chilling.

Although an exciting trend, there are a few important facts to consider, like age-ability. When asked, producers mostly agree that canned wine is designed to be consumed soon after buying.

Another recommendation from producers is for consumers not to drink straight from the can but to drink out of a glass, or plastic wine glass.

Photo Credit: Uncanny Wines

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